Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today is 10th day of Chinese New Year

This Chinese New Year is the most meaningful year, every single day I went to meet my old friends and relatives. Greetings and wishes passing through each others.

One day before the first day of CNY - as most of family, having reunion dinner in mother in law's house located in Menglembu, Perak. Although not many dishes been served, we appreciated harmonious times having dinner together. Three sister-in-law included me busy helping on preparing Chicken (Yim Kai in Cantonese), mushroom pig's hand, abalone, fried vegetables, radish pig's stomach soap. Dinner started on 8pm and ended around 9.30pm.
After dinner, we were preparing one more round for 'Bai tin kong : Jie Cai Shen' 拜天空: 接财神。Busying until midnight, tired. However, when I saw my family members happy I felt happier too!

First day of Chinese New Year - 拿红包,派红包。Sometimes I can see from my kids, he or she does not know why taking 'hong bao' from aunt or uncle. 'Hong bao' directly pass it to me. For them the most important is play with they peer partners. Around 2pm, back to my hometown Selama Kedah visiting my mother, brothers and sisters. Wah!热闹!My mother has 24 grandson and granddaughter. For the amount of headcount, it can form a kinder garden class.

Second day of Chinese New Year - Drove to Serdang to find my best friend, she was my best friend when I was studying in secondary school. She has been moved out from her old house, luckily her's old neighbor brought us to her father's house.

She - Li Yong, not much changes. Beautiful and fair. Beside her, Toh Chee Kok (Her husband, her classmate and also my classmate), 5 years old girl and 2 years old boy. Li Yong and Chee Kok working in Singapore for 10 year, oh my goodness. I'm working in Singapore too but we never contact each others?

The other of my good friend - Rachal Ng.
Still single, beautiful and confident.
Travelling half of the world. This coming March planning to Taiwan. 佩服!

Third day of Chinese New Year - BBQ party at my home.
Beginning of day, after woke up I have to clear backyard and parking lot.
Get all BBQ equipments - fork, BBQ stand ready...
Call my sisters confirm the attendants and timing when would they arrived.

1pm - rush to Tesco to bought a list of foods and tools.
3pm - marinade drumstick, garlic bread, mushroom soap, salad, roasted potato, ice-cream, glass root '仙草水‘, oranges juices, fried Mee Hoon, hot dog, chicken ball and last but not least is salmon fish.

Kind of busy, all done by me!!! only preparing and washing....

Take this opportunity visit all of our old and new friends.
拜年时温馨的句话:‘你好吗?’ 就够了。