Thursday, January 28, 2010

是华人子弟,应学华文。(Learn Chinese if you are Chinese.)


中国经济强大, 唔可否认!


让孩子学华语, 代代相转。

Learn Chinese if you are Chinese.
Never explore far enough, never know Chinese is so important.
China's giant economy market, nobody can deny it!

American European attending Chinese classes, chasing of China's fast developing paces.
Understanding China culture as value added in mutual co-operation.

We are Chinese people, we have privilege.
Let's our off spring learn Chinese, passing to next generation and to next-next generations.

Learn Malay Conversation.

Learn Bahasa Malaysia not a compulsory in Singapore. Indeed Bahasa Malaysia not be listed in the first or second language. First language is English followed by Chinese. So, a lot of parents did sent their child/children to Bahasa Malaysia class.

I was searching for Bahasa Malaysia course from community center yesterday, so excited to find a Malay conversation course for my son. I will going to register his name via internet after discuss with his dad. Husband and I were agreed let our son quit CMA (Abacus class) and enroll new Malay class. Great benefits for him if we decided back to Malaysia. And he already prepared for Bahasa Malaysia subject in government primary school.


最近闲着,自从当了全职家庭妇。 时间闲余得很!


尤其是出生之香港大名鼎鼎 梁风仪的财经小说。起得共鸣!