Thursday, August 27, 2009


Crops picked from Parkside farm except the watermelon.

Garlic bread.

Grandma from Hong Kong.

Kids jumping on trampoline.

Pei Ling and Heng Sao grilled chicken wings and salmons .

Pei Ling and her daughter.

Paula and Raymond playing table tennis.

Jessica and her god-grandma.

From left (sit); Heng Sao, Emily and Emily's mum.
From left (stand); Pei Ling and Elaine.

Windsor & Eton Riverside

Royal Academy, J.W. Waterhouse.

Xinny and me.

In South West train, started from Victoria towards Windsor Castle.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Parkside farm

Ikea dinner.



Red Berry.

Cherry tomatos.

Plum tree.

Blackberry plants.


'Seng go' and Vivian.

Picking Strawberry.


Winner Best Restaurant Fish and chip.

Westfeild shopping centre

Biggest shopping mall in London, established in year 2009.

Disney shop.

Tailor made bears.

Peter Pan fairy girl.

Ben 10 toys.

Xinny stands in front of Westfield.

Pumpkin patch.

Information counter.

Make up kit.