Sunday, August 9, 2009

7th Aug 2009

I'm in D72008 Airasia flight, now is 8.30pm Malaysia time. Seated at 23D.

Duration two months trip to London, is a long planned trip since 10 years ago. From today onwards I'll have two months free from my family, spouse, son and daughter. While they are staying in Singapore occasional will be back to Malaysia.

Without they existance, I feel more freedom. Perhaps I staying too long in Singapore restricted by government general law. Like a bird live in cage, Singapore this country I can't feel the sence of belongings after almost 10 years working there.

Sincere believe that this trip is a turning point and escape far away from Singapore. The most important is far away from CH's family members. CH was planning back to Ipoh and continue his father family business and the same time he has his own planning which is setup business collecting recycled metal, reprocess by melting them in a mold shape and sell to factory or export to other countries.

When Thomas and Stephanie were born in year 2004 and 2005, I've tried and gave a chance stayed with his family members (his Parents, brother and brother's wife). But eventually somehow we were not able tolerant each others. That's were not ME!

I kept on reminding myself I were never back to Ipoh for permanent since his mother and brother hurt me so hurt. This awful expereinces I'll never forget. Grab Thomas and Stephanie away from me. The truth and awful expereinces penetrated my hard memories will never run away from me till old. The worse thing is CH stood on their side this really made me furious and drove me crazy.

The beginning of this trip purely is visiting my sister and brother, after think twice why not take this opportunity find a job in UK and settle down if I realy like UK environment? I'm enjoying this moment alone greatly without my spouse and kids, I feel more freedom and quiet.

This is truly me, Elaine. "Do whatever you like, like whatever you do!"