Sunday, August 9, 2009

On the way

This morning woke up a bit earlier, 5:50am. I notised my husband is doing the last effort of printing out letter on behalf of my brother (Raymond). Printing invitation letter to whom it may concerned immigration officer wishes them grant entry and allow me staying in UK for 2 months.

He doesn't so willing let me fly off so long, because of his true love he pursuit himself and permitted let me go. He knew that if I'm happy he'll happy too! He is a good husband and good father, but he is not a good lover. Sometimes, he a bit stingy and lack of romance.

The night before I flew off, he tried to claim back flight charges, piano fee X 3 months, CMA fee X 2 months and herbalife set. We quarrelled through this matter. In general, he still is a good husband and father.

Around 8:30am, Thomas and Stephanie have been waken up and preparing to school. Today is Singapore Natioanl day celebration. They wore shirt and pants in red and white. CH rode them to school by bicycle as usual.

I took a shower and waiting for him, clock pointing exactly at 9:00 o'clock. He came back and put on his office wear. We left home approximately 9:15am.

Again, when he withdrew money in cash from POST ATM, he insist on clearing my debts before fry off. I told him I would pay back when I'm back. He accompanied me to Changi airport, we have breakfast curry chicken with rice, nasi lemak and two cups of coffee at Changi airport.

Is time enter boarding gate, 11:00am. Airasia AK706 SIN-KUL(LCCT), KUL(LCCT)-STN(Standsted). Now I'm sitting at 23D, flight D72008 heading to Standsted. Tired but can't sleep, stop here...