Sunday, August 9, 2009

Landed on Standsted airport

Landed exact at 11:00pm on time as scheduled. Took a inter-train follow the crowds towards passport control terminal. Stansted airport not so crowded at that time. Queuing at Non-Euro Non-UK border line. when reached my turn, the immigration officer asking typical questions:-

1) Why you travel to UK?

- This is my first trip to UK and visiting my brother.

2) How long you be staying in UK?

- Around two months.

3) What are your occupation in Singapore?

- Analyst.

4) Do you have any letter proven your purpose of this visit?

- I received this letter from my brother. (took out letter from pouch and passed it to immigration officer)

5) Said you are Singapore resident, could you show me the evident?

- Quickly pass my Singapore IC to him, he validating the IC by scanning from special machine.

6) How much you brought?

- Around $XXXX.

After examine few questions, finally he stamp "Stansted 7 Aug 2009" on my passport. Approved my first entry step on UK. Thank you so much of my brother's general manager, thanks for the kindness and effort of wrote this letter printed on restaurant letter head and logo.
Walk along the way out to arrival hall, looking from left to right browsing through everyone. I saw my brother standing on my right hand side. I called him, from the moment I was glad and I knew that I was safe and secure.
He helped me carry 7kg weight backpack. We walked to EASY Bus line waiting for minibus. He was clearer enough prebooking e-ticket on line, this helps to save some money. One way ticket from Stansted to Baker Street cost $11, whereas two way ticket cost $13. We chit-chat a bit and I was so tired....
After 45mins, EASY minibus stopped at Baker Street, we took a taxi heading to my sister house. Not so far cost another $10, reached somewhere near Warwrick undergroud.
I sitting outside staircase and waiting for my sister without knowing she was just back home. I didn't pressed the door bell. Brother called her cell phone, but nobody picked up cell phone. After 30 minutes waiting outside, finally she open the main door. She was taking shower when my brother called just now.

My sister's 'God brother- Kiong ko' dropped her on the way back, he was Hong Kongee and now converted to UK citizen. Migrated in UK around 20's years. He is very kind and friendly guy.

My sister has been preparing dinner, she cooked "Lotus-peanut with pork ribs soup". Appreciated and I was so supprised due to my strong six-sense coincident I have been thinking of this soup in airoplane. She cooked two bowls of noodle, one for me the other for my brother. Blend rock melon juice and oranges juice. "egg tat" and "pork tat".

She also bought me a set of pyjamas in pink.

Took a long journey flew from Singapore to London visiting my be loved brother and sister. Worthwhile of this trip when I seeing them welcomed me wholehearted, pretty sure they love me too,,,....


Hong CN said...

nice to know you able to enjoy this trip and staying there for 2 months :-)