Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mummy, you're so naughty after back from London!

Few weeks ago in noon, I shower my son using tap water without heater.

Suddenly, my son screaming: 'Mummy, you're so naughty after back from London!'

I was stunned and did knew what had had happened???
Scratching my head and answered with patience: 'What happened, my dear?'.

He didn't hesitated and spoke laughly: 'Water very cool, do you know that?'.

'Oh yah, is it water very cool or you are a bit angry with mummy of these two months mummy away from you?' - I smile....

Children sensitive enough upon the love we've given.

Western and eastern lifestyle.

From the observation gathered from my Europe tour.
Can't understand why Western and Eastern so much different?

In Western countries, they talk about human rights, creative and the freedom.
They are more willing to spend money than Eastern people.
They are enjoying their live as they can easily get sponsor from bank for they travel expenses.
They are creative in mechanical/engineering/electronic aspect.
They are innovative in somethings new and robust of they creations.
They are so relax and yet so prosperous.
Admire of their value of life.
They respect nature and people.

Vice versa, numerous gaps in between Eastern countries.
We are not willing to spend too much money for advanture and reluctant of trying new things, we keep as much as money for next generations.
We try our best to work harder as entire money keep in to bank for protections.
We are not creative enough as we just a follower. Imitate their steps and products.
We work everyday apperantly we are not so prosperous.
Busy, busy for whole life. Blind-blind as follower.

That's why fake Hello Kitty import from China is prohibited in Europe.
Fake LV's bag is banned and confiscated in airport.
A lot of things....
-Because of Culture, value of lifestyle, expectation and desire.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

8 days 7 nights Beneath the Europe Clouds (Day 3 - 4)

8 days 7 nights Beneath the Europe Clouds (Day 2)

Our couch.

Entering Luxembourg after breakfast.