Friday, July 31, 2009

Miss world year 2007

Beautiful, nice composition.
Like it.

The body shop voucher

Vouchers given from ex-colleagues as a farewell gift. Appreciate it!
After receiving, what shall I redeem from these vouchers?
Question starts appearred after receiving, should choose an item which represents our friendship. Is;
* body shampoo,
* hair shampoo,
* lotion,
* cleancer,
* toner or
* moisturizer?
None, none of the items from this shop I can found to represent our friendships.
I'm looking for a gift higher value then gift....

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

How old are you?

One of my colleagues asked me during farewell lunch, “How old are you?”
My goodness, did she knew that this is a very sensitive question for all age of girls.

I simply replied: “Same age as you.”
She asked again: “You were born in 70’s, 80’s,,,”
I replied in Chinese: “如果样貌要年轻. 请多吃, 多睡, 多玩, 多笑, 多…..!” 总而之多办一些你喜欢的事.

("if you want to maintain your good looking. Please eat more healthy food, have sufficient sleep, have fun, smile...!")

Did she really get what I mean? I laugh,,,,


This topic never ever obsolete, "Parenting".
I have been looking for this kind of topic since few years ago.

Now I've found it and pleasant to present to you. Sound very pratical and it would apply to your daily routine.
1. Seek good advice
- Seek the advice of the one Person who knows most about how to raise children.
2. Create a loving home
- Plan regular time together as a family. Married couples also need to plan time alone together.
3. Exercise your authority
- Do not worry that you will alienate your children or crush their spirit if you exercise your authority.
- Do not intend for children to have an equal say in how the family is governed.
- Rather be obedient to your parents.
4. Define family rules and enforced them
- Clearly defining the laws expected them to follow.
- Outlined the consequences of disobeying those laws.
5. Establish and maintain routine
- Do not let the pursuit of material possessions crowd out family routines.
6. Acknowledge your child's feelings
- Children as well as adults are far more likely to accept counsel if they feel that the one offering it truly understands them and the difficulties they face.
7. Teach by example
- Actions teach. Words often impart only information.
- Strive to be good, not perfect.
- Do not be irritating your children, but go on bringing them up in the discipline and mental-regulating.

This is a guidances on parenting, I known talking never as easy as we did it, but at least we knew roughly what supposed to be as parents.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First one no price. Sorry no used.

He is a typical boy and a hyper-active boy in school.
His teacher complaint of his recklessness, cut queue and "Kia su" attitude.

Recently, he has been changing a lot.
Whenever he lost, he always says "FIRST ONE NO PRICE!" to cool down his mind.
Somebody said "SORRY", he quickly replies "SORRY NO USED!"....

He seems understood phenomenon of how to deal with people and by observing he can learn more...

Son and daughter

Two of them are precious gift from god.
One boy and one girl (兒 + 女 = 好). Thomas and Stephanie.
Totally opposite in term of the behaviour, attitude and the ways they doing things.
One very fast in responce the other very slow.
One likes to laugh the other likes to cry to express they feelings.
One likes writing/drawing the other likes listening to story telling.
One likes watching cartoon the other not so interested.
One likes blue the other likes pink.
One very good in reading the other does not.
One likes kicking the other likes singing.
One fluent in speech the other does not.
One likes sour food the other likes sweet taste.
No matter good or bad, likes or dislikes.
Your are my sweetheart.
From Mum

Working life

Two more days to go, I'll become a jobless and contributing the unemployed rate in Singapore. That's fine for me, just my husband has to do more tasks taking care of my family and fill less months income tax in IR8A form (now online by default since 2008) next year.

The more excitements coming up for the next two months. I'll land on European countries, this is my first time Europe backpacking trip, try something really different from normal life. Exploring western daily liftstyle and pursuing want-to-do-list in 2009. Because the longer I stay in Singapore the deepen I lost my self-esteemed.

For sure I'll miss my husband, son and daughter, food and friends in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. In return I'll capture as mush as possible photos and share with you when I'm back.

Love you.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My first blog

Everybody blogging nowaday, including people who are:

- politician used it as a weapon to draw votes from public.
- Singer and artist updates they fan about new release albums.
- Market, promote and sell the ideas/serveices/products.
- teachers posted useful infomation and students studies from posted materials on line.
- As a social tool connected among friends.
- gather opinions and brainstorming place.
- keep in touch with person who you care.

Is blogging draw close between you and me.