Thursday, July 30, 2009


This topic never ever obsolete, "Parenting".
I have been looking for this kind of topic since few years ago.

Now I've found it and pleasant to present to you. Sound very pratical and it would apply to your daily routine.
1. Seek good advice
- Seek the advice of the one Person who knows most about how to raise children.
2. Create a loving home
- Plan regular time together as a family. Married couples also need to plan time alone together.
3. Exercise your authority
- Do not worry that you will alienate your children or crush their spirit if you exercise your authority.
- Do not intend for children to have an equal say in how the family is governed.
- Rather be obedient to your parents.
4. Define family rules and enforced them
- Clearly defining the laws expected them to follow.
- Outlined the consequences of disobeying those laws.
5. Establish and maintain routine
- Do not let the pursuit of material possessions crowd out family routines.
6. Acknowledge your child's feelings
- Children as well as adults are far more likely to accept counsel if they feel that the one offering it truly understands them and the difficulties they face.
7. Teach by example
- Actions teach. Words often impart only information.
- Strive to be good, not perfect.
- Do not be irritating your children, but go on bringing them up in the discipline and mental-regulating.

This is a guidances on parenting, I known talking never as easy as we did it, but at least we knew roughly what supposed to be as parents.