Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Working life

Two more days to go, I'll become a jobless and contributing the unemployed rate in Singapore. That's fine for me, just my husband has to do more tasks taking care of my family and fill less months income tax in IR8A form (now online by default since 2008) next year.

The more excitements coming up for the next two months. I'll land on European countries, this is my first time Europe backpacking trip, try something really different from normal life. Exploring western daily liftstyle and pursuing want-to-do-list in 2009. Because the longer I stay in Singapore the deepen I lost my self-esteemed.

For sure I'll miss my husband, son and daughter, food and friends in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. In return I'll capture as mush as possible photos and share with you when I'm back.

Love you.