Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Son and daughter

Two of them are precious gift from god.
One boy and one girl (兒 + 女 = 好). Thomas and Stephanie.
Totally opposite in term of the behaviour, attitude and the ways they doing things.
One very fast in responce the other very slow.
One likes to laugh the other likes to cry to express they feelings.
One likes writing/drawing the other likes listening to story telling.
One likes watching cartoon the other not so interested.
One likes blue the other likes pink.
One very good in reading the other does not.
One likes kicking the other likes singing.
One fluent in speech the other does not.
One likes sour food the other likes sweet taste.
No matter good or bad, likes or dislikes.
Your are my sweetheart.
From Mum


Anonymous said...

Well said !

Amazing Photos 4 All said...

Hi. Great One dear