Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Within two days had two incidents happened which I'd never thought its were happened in Singapore.

1. Monday evening after I came back from jogging.
My son told me : 'Third floor's aunt has some toys and she wants to pass it to us.'
I answered : 'Is it, are you kidding:'
Though, Singapore is a realistic country. Where got people so kind!
I just ignored him.

When I was showering, the aunt brought a big bag of toys and passed it to my son.
My son and daughter were so happy, we're so grateful to the third floor's aunt although all the toys we received are not new one.

2. Tuesday Morning, A dad and his daughter jump into a deep drain beside my block. I was curious and just looked at her.

She is in age 20's and has a pair of beautiful eyes, she knew I'm looking at her.
She spontaneous answered my curiosity's : 'We are trying to rescue a kitten, it fell down two days ago!' That means the kittens overnight here for two days???????????
She continues to said : 'Not only one kitten, have two kittens.'
Can see she so worry of the kittens life.
I walked back home, praise this lady in my heart --- 'So Kind'